Kingston 16GB OTG Pen Drive, 3.0, duo-3

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Kingston DT microDuo USB3.0 OTG 16GB Pen Drive
Compact Design and Easy-to-use

Kingston DT microDuo Pen drive is an ideal option for storing large files. It weighs merely 82 g and has a small form factor which makes it portable and easy to carry around on the go. The pen drive comes with a rotating cap that protects it from any external damage. It is a plug-and-play device which enables you to transfer your data instantly without the need of cables.

16 GB Storage Space and Fast Data Transfers

The DT microDuo Pen drive can expand the storage space up to 16 GB of different devices including Smartphone, tablets, laptops and more. It supports USB OTG like USB 2.0, USB 3.0 port and microUSB Flash drivers which not only lets you transfer files, music tracks and movies with ease but also a blazingly fast speed. With DT microDuo flash drive, you can directly connect to your Smartphone to move your files, videos or photos. It eliminates the need of switching on the PC every time.

Product specifications

The product dimension measures as 15x11x1 cm, making it ultra slim and pocket-sized device. The Kingston DT microDuo USB3.0 OTG 16GB Pen Drive comes with 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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